Present-day time series
Real-time data for more than 250 locations: waterlevel, temperature, waveheight etc
Historical time series
For more than 2500 locations and 3500 data types the key figures and measured data
Bottom grids
Bottom griddata from 1926 onwards, combined for the most recent years and individually per jear, at a fingertip
Wave climate
Simultaneous probability density graphs for IJsselmeer, North Sea, Petten and Western Scheldt
Historical time series
Select quickly the required data using key figures of the measured data, from 1737 onwards
Storm data
Fast and easy acces to stormreports (in Dutch) and graphs, from 1883 onwards

Web applications


WetWetWet® is the fastest and simplest access to water related data.

Smart applications for web browsers, tablets and other touchscreen devices disclose a wealth of data, which is updated continuously with present-day measurements.

More or other data needed? Our product WetWetWet® allows for more in-depth search and offers access to even more data.

WetWetWet® provides access to all available data (standard version) or a reduced amount of data (basic version). Only a few mouse clicks are required to obtain this data for further analysis or presentation purposes.

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Web applications Data type
Present-day data
Present-day data, data of the past year

Historical time series
Historical data, data up to a year ago

Key figures, data up to a year ago

Bottom grids site
Two dimensional grids

Two dimensional rays

Wave climate site
Wave climate site

Wave measurements

Wave statistis

Stroomatlas Rotterdam-Rijnmond
Stroomatlas Zuidelijke Noordzee (Zuno)
Current maps

Time series, source data

Storms Stormreports, Storm-surge briefs (both in Dutch) and stormdata

Water Dictionary (in Dutch only)
Dictionary with water-related terms (in Dutch)

Measurement plans